If we are lucky

For my best friend, Alex. Thank you for believing in my madness) 


If we are lucky.

once or twice in our entire lives

we are granted a wish in the shape of a person.

That person that comes into your life is one of a kind

They are the ones you don’t want to disappoint.

you always want to show them

the best versions of yourself


and they are there.


There when you are unsure whether to start a new book

or finish it.

When you are growing thorns out of your pores

and they are tending them into roses.


They are there standing in the tempest that is your life,

they come in

and stir up your life

and rattle your organs

and lead the way of questions you’ve never asked

and thoughts you’ve never thought of


making the hands of a clock dance forward


and you are happy.

and thankful.


but you are also guilty

because you are a handful.


A tsunami of a person


Guilty because you can’t give them more

Because you never miss the chance

to perform an entire symphony instead of a song

Guilty because you can’t give them less

Because you give them the best pieces of your world


And those are never as bright as the ones they give you.

Guilty because you wonder

You know


They would get so much more done without you there

without them having to worry about

the turmoil that is your mind


So you wear the occasional knee pads

and pad your life with cushions and

seat belts

In the hallway of your relationship

You make sure there are exit sign at every corner


pointing them out every turn

In case they change their minds

Or start to mind your mind

And you wait and hope they don’t use the “get out of jail free card”


when you are not wallowing in self pity

and writing melodramatic poems,


You have your moments and they are


Pretty great.

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